The foundation of our health and vitality rests in the nervous system.

Chronic stress is rarely something we actively seek, so why do we feel like we have to do more, be more, get more, go faster, go harder?

Do you feel like you are chasing your tail and that fatigue and stress are now your constant companions? Your tolerance in general is eroding, you’re feeling more frazzled, you’re engaging in behaviours you thought you’d beaten or that you never thought you’d submit to.

Is there something holding you back? A ‘something’ that you can site and say ‘yes, I have had this happen to me’? Or a ‘something you just can’t put your finger on’ but no matter what you try, you still feel stuck in a loop?

Maybe I can help.

Whether you have experienced an identifiable incident which has left its mark (trauma); whether it’s been a long, hard slog of chronic exposure to stressful stimulus; developmental trauma or something you cannot name, but you know you could be so much healthier and happier, Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Practice may be able to help.

Join me in laying down new pathways for healthier behaviours and increasing resilience.

Located in Bella Vista, Norwest